Ready Resource for Relief Society Series

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Base Hits and Home Run Relationships: What Women Wish Guys Knew

Base-Hits-and-Home-Run-Relationships_9781462114030 Love is like baseball, so hit a home run in your relationship! With Trina Boice’s advice, any man can learn how to step up to the plate. Learn tips, stats, and skills to make a powerful and lasting romance whether you’re in the minor leagues of dating or the major leagues of married life.


My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: An LDS Teen’s Guide to Success


10-year weather forecast: grab your sunglasses because sunny skies are in your future! Popular author and speaker Trina Boice helps youth navigate education, missions, love, careers, trials, and more through ‘eternal-perspective eyewear.’ If you focus on the things in life you can control, you decide how successful your future will be.


Dad’s Night: Fantastic Family Nights in Five Minutes


Even the busiest father still wants to be the spiritual leader in his home. And now he can! Written specifically for dads, this handy helper includes everything he needs to plan and pull off a great family night in less time than it takes to drive home from work. Forget the stress of preparing and focus on what’s really important—-a weekly tradition that will bring blessings for years to come.



Primarily for Cub Scouts

Primarily-for-Cub-Scouts_9781599553528 Being a Cub Scout is exhausting! Passing off requirements for both the Scout and Faith in God programs can be confusing and a lot of work. Popular author Trina Boice has come to the rescue with Primarily for Cub Scouts. This useful resource suggests activities that meet requirements for both the Faith in God and scouting programs simultaneously. Filled with tons of ideas for activities and tips, this fantastic book will help leaders, parents, and Cub Scouts everywhere!



Exciting Ideas for Ward Activities

41xAeBZjMOLPut Some Life into the Party!

If you are involved in organizing a ward outing or activity, this is the book for you! This wonderful collection of fun and uplifting activities is a must-have for any priesthood or auxiliary leader. The book covers a wide variety of topics, such as:
* Ward Traditions That Unite The Heart
* Funeral Potatoes And More: Feeding His Sheep
* Party Primer: Games That Mix And Mingle
* Family Matters: Keeping The Kids Happy & Safe
* Publicity 101
* Decorations: The Silver Lining
* Website Resources

There are also chapters that provide ideas for every month of the year. Let this handy guide turn you into the “creative genius” at your ward or stake planning meetings!



Great Ideas for Primary Activity Days

51I+Ci8dRcLFrom the bestselling author of “Bright Ideas for Young Women Leaders” and “Easy Enrichment Ideas” comes help for Activity Day Leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Are you looking for fun, creative ways to teach the gospel to the young girls in your Activity Day group? This delightful book is filled with fresh ideas for every week of the year!

This book is also a valuable resource for Primary presidencies seeking to find appropriate activities for the Primary s quarterly activities.

Inside you will find chapters devoted to:
Fun traditions
Get-to-know-you games
Service activities
Developing talents
Earning the Faith in God Award
Preparing to move into Young Women
. . . Plus a dozen more topics!



Climbing Family Trees

51FTHGRVNZLHave you ever wondered who is hiding in the branches of your family tree? Is there a U.S. president or a notorious outlaw tucked away behind the leaves? Climbing Family Trees makes it easy for you to find out!

Family history research has become a phenomenon across the world. The Internet has become a powerful tool in helping people find their ancestors as well as reaching living family members. Twenty wonderful chapters will guide and inspire you in:
• Digging for your roots
• Barking up the right tree
• Grabbing the best branch
• Going out on a limb
• Tasting the fruits of your efforts

Don’t wait another minute to discover your family’s past and the fascinating stories that await you!


Climbing Family Trees: Whisper in the Leaves

51kgmmdCK-LThis series, published by both Trina Boice and her twin sister, Tracey Long, explores how to do your genealogy, as well as stories that illustrate the unseen help from above in finding ancestors. “By small, persistent steps one can climb the monumental family tree. Digging for your family roots implies a head looking downward into the dirt. We prefer the phrase ‘Climbing your Family Tree,’ which creates the visual image of looking upward through your ascent…and that’s exactly where the help comes from.” “Enjoy these stories…we have twice!”



How to Stay UP in a DOWN Economy

51G97gpUf1LPractical and fun tips on how to get your money to stretch farther during this tricky economy. Go from frustrated to financially free as you learn how to save money, earn money, and even have extra money leftover so you can share it with others.

– Over 270 pages of tips and tricks to keep your money where it belongs – with you!

– Advice from New Year’s to Christmas and every month in between to save money all year long!

– Also included are investment and budgeting forms to help you stay on track!


Easy Enrichment Ideas: Thinking Outside the Green Gelatin Box

51WJA03KXWLDo you want the sisters in your Relief Society to be excited about your monthly activity night? You can make it happen!






Gift of Love

41yri8yDOuLCollection of images about Love.




Bright Ideas for Young Women Leaders

51Z6PQRDKWL  Provides wonderful ideas on all aspects of the Young Women program. Includes: structuring personal progress, implementing the young women values, organizing girls camp, planning new beginnings and young women in excellence, providing leadership instruction, increasing parental support, seasonal celebrations, ideas for youth conference, etc.


Sabbath Solutions: More Than 350 Ways You Can Worship On The Lord’s Day

510NQAAXMGL “There’s nothing fun to do on Sundays!”
Do you ever hear that statement grumbled in your home? Sunday worship doesn’t end when we go home from Church, but we often have a difficult time knowing how to spend the remaining hours of a “holy” day.

Sabbath Solutions is filled with dozens of wonderful ideas, listing more than 350 fun and creative things families can do on Sunday while actually keeping the Sabbath Day holy!

From games to music to service, this book is great for individuals or families who want to make their Sundays more meaningful. Children will even look forward to Sunday!

The book also discusses:
• The purpose of the Sabbath Day.
• The blessings we receive when we keep it holy.
• How to adapt these ideas to your family’s situation.

Also included are insightful quotes from LDS Church leaders that help us better understand the Sabbath Day. These ideas will inspire you to develop new traditions in your family and help your family look forward with anticipation to the Lord’s special day.